A super simple and lightweight starting point for your Electron-based app.
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A super simple and lightweight starting point for your Electron-based app.

electron-starter in action


  • ES7!
  • Lightweight UI rendering via choo!
  • Minimal transpiling via select Babel modules!
  • Quick bundling via rollup!
  • Efficient Sass compilation via Dart Sass!
  • Sensible linting via ESLint!
  • Not a shit-ton of dependencies! (I can’t believe it’s not bloat!)


  • npm i


  • npm run watch


  • npm start


  • npm test


Whatever the fuck you want. Do you know how long it took me to figure out how to put this together? And make it up to date? A long-ass time. An overwhelming majority of the Internet is totally fine with a bajillion dependencies that do…who cares, I’m not adding all that shit to my projects. KISS my ass.

Together, you and I will make the Web a better place. Let’s call this a silent movement, “show and prove,” if you will. Beautiful apps are more than the interface. The plumbing should be nice, right? Lipstick on a pig is still paint on a ham sandwich. Respect yourself.


  • Add more meat to this. This is intended as a starting point for my own future apps.
  • Add Sass files and package script.